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Water & Wastewater Tanks

PPE Tanks supplies water and wastewater tanks for a variety of uses including industrial wastewater, stormwater management systems, oil or grease interceptors, oil-water separators, water conservation tanks, fire protection, and onsite wastewater tanks.

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Choosing the Right Water & Wastewater Tank


From Municipal to Industrial and Commercial, Premier Production Equipment is a national supplier a variety of types of tanks used for wastewater storage.

Aboveground Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Tanks are a leading choice chemical wastewater or sewage and wastewater facilities. FRP tanks are incredibly durable, customizable, and depending on the construction, environmental conditions, and proper maintenance can last twenty to thirty years. 

When considering installation, maintenance, production and durability, fiberglass tanks are a much more cost-effective option than concrete.

Because FRP tanks can be custom constructed to exact project specifications out of corrosion-resistant resins, leaking and rust issues are alleviated. 

Double Walled Tanks are used for containing environmental contaminants – typically hazardous and flammable liquids. Our tanks follow all EPA and UL approved barriers. Learn more about our FRP Tanks.

Aboveground Steel Tanks

 Carbon Bolted Steel tanks, Carbon Welded Steel tanks, Corrugated Steel and Stainless Steel tanks. Steel tanks are strong and durable. Carbon Welded Steel tanks are either galvanized or stainless . They are constructed with an interior coating specific to the use which can be fire suppression, wastewater, potable water, and more.

Corrugated Steel Tanks are a versatile option for large liquid storage needs. They can be customized for holding up to millions of gallons of liquid making them an ideal choice for wastewater solutions that need to contain millions of gallons. 

Looking to store over 150,000 gallons of water or wastewater? A Bolted Steel Tanks are durable options for many liquids including water and wastewater and can be field-erected to hold millions of gallons, making them a preferred choice for wastewater treatment sites. Learn more about our Steel Tanks.

Whether you are looking for a 5,000 or a million gallon storage tank, we can serve as your procurement partner to manage the design, construction, and delivery of the right tank for your project. Send us a Quick Quote to get started.


Not sure what size you need? Try this Tank Calculator to get started: 

Wastewater Storage

Wastewater is a byproduct from everyday living and yet it is one of the most difficult liquids to store and treat. In the broadest sense, it is water that has been used. Every manufacturer, restaurant, hotel, entertainment venue, farm, and hospital -every industry – contributes to commercial wastewater. As cities and counties grow, so does the need for wastewater containment and treatment.

Every commercial and industrial producer of wastewater is also responsible for the safe, environmentally-sound, and efficient means of collecting and storing. Municipalities or the environmental utilities that service them are also charged with cost-effectively managing the treatment and reuse of wastewater.

There are two types of wastewater: blackwater which contains human waste and harmful pathogens (sewage) and greywater which may contain toxic chemicals but does not contain human waste (non-sewage).

There are local, state and federal regulations that dictate how wastewater must be managed in order to protect public health and the environment. The U.S. EPA has created strict guidelines for the treatment of municipal and industrial/commercial wastewater.

Choosing the right storage container for your specific needs is critically important. Containment failures can result be costly, endanger people’s health, and result in a PR crisis.

Whatever your needs may be, PPE Tanks can custom build tanks for any specifications you require, up to 50,000 gallons. We also sell food-grade tanks that naturally meet EPA, USDA and NSF Standard 61 requirements for storage of potable water.

PPE Tanks Wastewater Treatment Plants

We work with hundreds of contracting and engineering firms working on Water and Wastewater projects for thier clients.

We’ve supplied tanks for projects for industrial and commercial clients, cities, counties, military bases, and municipalities.

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