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Cost-Competitive Custom Tanks Are Our Specialty

Premier Production Equipment is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and product at a competitive price. Our mission is to partner with our customers to make custom storage tank procurement a seamless and highly successful process.  We provide a one-call solution approach from the simple “one-and-done” that requires trusted consultation to the most complex, large-scale projects in the oil and gas, food and beverage processing, agriculture, fire protection, chemical, water and wastewater industries. 

We boast an impressive partner network which means access to the most innovative tank options to meet your budget, the most cost-efficient freight, premium materials, and expert design and manufacturing consultation. From concept to completion, PPE Tanks is dedicated to managing the design, manufacturing, and delivery of your custom tank project. 

With over 40 years of combined experience the storage tank business, we have the the business acumen to understand and consult on critical project details like the right resin lining, the best manufacturing materials, safety features, codes and regulations that are specific to making your investment cost-effective and long-lasting. Whether you need to store highly-corrosive chemicals, fertilizer, potable water, oil and gas, food and beverage processing, or wastewater, we can create the perfect solution. 

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Who We Are

We are your Tanks Procurement Specialists when Safety, Service, and Durability are premier priorities.


When you partner with PPE Tanks, you have access to our remarkable network of suppliers, premium vendors, reliable freight operators, and talented design engineers. We do the heavy lifting to ensure your project is developed with a smart design, conforms to safety and code regulations, and is made to last with high-quality materials best suited for your storage needs.

Not every tank on the market is made the same. When it comes to Safety, Service, and Durability, we’re the Premiere choice. 

Let’s build something together.


Sherri Fowler - CEO -PPE Tanks

Sherri Fowler

CEO, Premier Production Equipment, Inc. 

Sherri is a trailblazing and dynamic leader in the industrial and commercial storage tank sector. With a strong business acumen acquired after more than 30 years in the industry, she brings to PPE Tanks her talent for driving market-penetrating companies to success. A savvy negotiator and partnership connector, she champions  the best solutions for her customers. With over 24 years of experience manufacturing fiberglass and steel tanks, Sherri delivers invaluable creative insight to complex projects. 

Working extensively with clients in the  municipal, defense, agricultural, food and beverage processing, chemical, oil and gas, water and wastewater verticals, Sherri has helped thousands of clients create successful projects. She has built a redeeming reputation for her agile problem-solving abilities and her high-level customer service. 

Ben Hearst PPE Tanks

Ben Hearst 

Director of Sales 

As our lead project manager, Benjamin will work closely with your specific job requirements until completion. He brings an extensive  knowledge of containment vessels and a network of vendors. He is here to respond to customer needs and find the best solutions.
Stacey Spiegel PPE Tanks Marketing Director Stacey A. Spiegel

Stacey Spiegel

Marketing Director & Sales Consultant

Stacey brings to PPE, 20 years of marketing, public relations, and project management experience with Fortune 500 and government clients in agriculture, transportation, green energy, waste management, consumer products.  
Carina Collins PPE Tanks

Carina Collins

Sales Manager

Carina is a successful sales professional with prolific product sourcing and supply chain management experience. She has delivered highly successful projects for customers requiring fire suppression, wastewater and water storage, as well as food processing and chemical storage tanks. 

Chelsea Bustamente _Chief Accounting Officer PPE Tanks

Chelsea Bustamente

Chief Accounting Officer

Chelsea oversees the day-to-day business accounting operations with a focus on regulatory compliance and practices.  By communicating with all departments, Chelsea helps keep the company on track regarding planning, implementing, and managing accounting activities.


PPE Tanks Procurement

Tank Procurement

Shopping for the most cost-competitive product for your project? We can help you deliver the right tank with the lowest lead time and cost-effective, reliable freight to meet your budgetary demands. And we’ll manage the process from conception to delivery.

PPE Tanks Tank Drawings

Storage Vessel Design

Let our design team custom build a project tank or OEM product for you. Already have preliminary drawings? Great! Our expert engineers can review your plans to ensure they are the right specs and materials for your infrastructure that are compliant with regulations.

PPE Tanks Project Management

Project Management

Are you a General Contractor juggling multiple construction components of a large project? We can partner with you to seamlessly manage all elements of the storage tank procurement process.

Is your engineering team in need of a tank procurement expert to consult on the right containment for your project? We can provide options and consultation to help you make the safest, most functional, and durable choice.