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Custom FRP & Steel Strorage Tanks

PPE Tanks specializes in industrial and commercial production projects requiring quality shop-built custom fiberglass and steel tanks and large field-erected storage tanks to customers across the United States.


All our products are built to strict industry standards and codes( i.e. API 650, API 12F, API 12P, UL 142, and ASME codes) to ensure the highest level of safety and quality. Our custom capabilities extend to building tanks that require NSF 61 certification or compliance for potable water (there’s a difference) and NFPA 22 for fire suppression tanks and ASME RTP-1 compliance.  Our customers choose to work with us repeatedly because when it comes to regulations, resin requirements, and delivering on project demands, our engineers produce outside-the-box technical solutions that beat the competition. Our commitment to the success of your project is unmatched. We aren’t a tank vendor, we’re a project partner.  

Our industry experts deliver a wide-range of tank and equipment solutions that meet our customers’ exact specifications through our personalized project management process.  Rest assured, we will not only provide a premium product but will partner with your organization to deliver an exceptional customer experience that makes the procurement process seamless. 

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PPE Tanks provides the most competitive pricing and lead times, responsive customer service, customized production, and the most efficient delivery. Whether you have a unique custom project with lots of challenges or need expert consultation on the type of tank that best suits your needs and budget, we can help. With an impressive network of industry partners, we make sure all the project components come together seamlessly. When you partner with PPE Tanks, we do the heavy lifting so your tank project is done right. 

Potable Water

Our commercial tanks are custom designed to meet each projects unique needs. We can manage every detail from NSF certifications to the optimal materials for climate and environmental conditions.


Whether Industrial or Municipal, PPE produces quality storage solutions from septic to caustic wastewater needs.  We have completed successful projects for cities, counties, and commercial customers that meet all regulatory guidelines.

Fire Suppression

We supply safe, reliable and durable fiberglass and steel tanks with AWWA & NFPA22 approved standards.  There are a myriad of options for fire protection or suppression. We can help you choose the right one for your project.  

Chemical Storage

Chemical storage tanks can be manufactured in variety of sizes and shapes, and are used for static storage, processing, mixing, and transport of both raw materials and finished chemical products.

Food & Beverage

Fabricated to your specifications, we provide a myriad of  solutions for distilleries, breweries, wineries, processed foods and more.

Compliance and enforcement of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) to protect public health (related to drinking water) are enacted through individual state regulations. The majority of state drinking water programs are located within state departments of health, environment and/or natural resources. To learn answers to many common questions about drinking water reguations, please check out National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) publication Drinking Water Matters

premier products begin at the design stage

 Designed for Durability and Safety

Our mission for every project is to achieve the perfect apex of quality, smart design, and cost-efficiency for long-term durability. When these project principles are at the forefront , the result is a product made with the highest safety standards that will outperform a tank of subpar quality. Tanks that are produced with durability and safety as the #1 priority need less costly maintenance, are reliable for the tank’s lifetime and meet the performance demands consistently. The result is a premier product when safety matters most.

Looking for potable water storage that complies with NSF/ANSI 61? Most most governmental agencies regulate drinking water supplies and require that potable water storage be compliant. We can guide you through the project, recommend the right resin, and application that is suitable, cost-effective, and most importantly safe.  

an experienced team dedicated to your project

Premier Resources at Your Fingertips

PPE Tanks has over 30 years of combined experience. Our experts are creative, resourceful, and driven. We have experience providing unique solutions to complex and challenging projects. Partnering with PPE means leveraging our nationwide network of raw material suppliers, manufacturers, and freight transporters for the most durable, safest, reliable product at the most cost-competitive price.  

We deliver the highest level of dedicated customer experience to each customer and each project from conception to completion.  Our philosophy is that we aren’t just a project vendor, but a partner in your success. 

PPE Tanks_ Bolted Flat Panel

cost-competitive custom tanks are our specialty

Custom Storage Choices from Fiberglass to Steel. We’ve got you covered.

Whether you are looking for flat-panel steel tank or custom fiberglass, our shop fabricated storage tanks can be ordered with the standard flat bottom, cylindrical body, domed top configuration or customized. We offer cone bottoms with legs or skirt, vertical or horizontal tanks on skids or saddles. We can customize your storage tank to meet exact specifications for water & wastewater, chemical, food and beverage, agricultural, oil and gas projects.

Have a large project that needs to be field-erected? We can help you with that too.

when time is money, we leverage our network of resources

A Resourceful Approach for Low Lead Times

By leveraging our extensive network of manufacturing partners across the United States, we can quickly identify providers in close proximity to the project site and greatly reduce overall lead times and freight costs, and easily adhere to state-specific regulations .  

In today’s volatile fuel market, product transportation can eat a large hole into a project budget. Most tank manufacturers contract with one or two freight companies with set pricing. We also have a huge roster of freight partners and can leverage the best cost-efficient provide for you. 

PPE Tanks Low Lead Times for Storage Tanks


“PPE Tanks came through on a complicated project that needed a real analytical eye. They took the time to assess the drawings, the existing infrastructure and made new design recommendations that ended up saving  us project funds.”

Patrick Thomson

“Our engineers called out steel tanks for the replacement project. After PPE reviewed everything, it turned out that FRP would be more suitable and less maintenance. They had the tanks manufactured closer to the construction site so he had about half the freight as the other bidders. We ended up winning the project.”

Jeff Dow

“Our fire suppression project for a hospital required an onsite build that needed expert consultation. PPE came through and provided the necessarily design to make it a success. Our engineering team was very appreciative of their input. “

Chuck J. Redding

Some of Our Clients

PPE Tanks Client: Texas Southern Drilling